My Story

Out of darkness came Mosaics

My Mosaic journey only started a couple of years ago, 2016 to be precise. Mosaic hit me completely out of the blue it coincided with a diagnosis of Breast cancer, literally in the same week. I attended a one day workshop where we mosiaced a coaster and I immediately knew that this was for me. Blow the coaster, I wanted to do big stuff, I wanted to create my visions in ceramic, glass or what ever I could get my hands on. I was hooked. I just love it, Its my mindfulness, my meditation, my default setting, my obsession.

My visions

I knew that i wanted to do things differently and one of my first projects was my lion. I look at that piece now and see how far I have journeyed not only in my work but also on the big C road. I love it as it means so much to me but I hadn't at that point stepped out of my box. This happened with the piece shown, "Wild Horses". I had been commissioned to produce a horse, quite a loose brief and I struggled, I was trying to conform to the vision we all have of a horse and it just wasn't working. I just knew it wasn't right so I ripped off all the tiles I had laid and started again and just let go, with the design , with colour and I just went with the flow. It was so liberating and that was that really. I had found my style. My client loved it.

Moving forward

Now, I'm getting back to health, mosaics continue to be a major part of my healing. It teaches me patience, and to never give up. Sometimes I may look at a piece that I'm doing and it just feels like its not going to work, but I push through those doubts and worries, finish it and after grouting it just comes together and I just feel that magic has occurred for me!! I never give up. I have done several commissions and have been lucky to have been  trusted enough to do my stuff for all of my clients. 

My mosaics all have stories, not that I always know that at the time, but the when the story comes into my head, it all slips into place.

I  continue to push my boundaries and am learning new techniques everyday, through my own experimentation with mosaic. I am happy to discuss any ideas  for any potential lovers of mosaics who feel that they would like a piece that is completely original, quirky and will tell a story.